Budget Summary October 2021

We are pleased to provide our summary of the Chancellor’s 2021 Autumn Budget, which can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Our Budget Summary provides an overview of the key announcements arising from the Chancellor’s speech.

Additionally, throughout the summary you will find informative comments to help you assess the effect that the proposed changes may have on you personally.

We would also remind you of the 1.25% increase to the rates of dividend tax and National Insurance Contributions from 6 April 2022 which were announced before the Budget. Acceleration of income to before this date is one obvious reaction to this (if this is under your control). However, this may not be advantageous. We shall be happy to advise you on your specific circumstances and whether any tax (or NI) planning opportunities arise for you.

If you would like more detailed, one-to-one advice on any of the issues raised in the Chancellor’s Budget speech, please do get in touch.